Privacy Policy.

J.C. RAGS is a trade name of Atrium House of Brands B.V. and these are our details:

De Aaldor 13
4191 PC Geldermalsen
Chamber of Commerce: 11 05 77 03 VAT number: NL8127.04.691.B01

When you visit our website, send us a message, or otherwise contact us, there is a good chance that you leave your personal data with us. We adhere to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when processing personal data.

In a nutshell, this means, among other things:

  • We clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data through this privacy statement.

  • We limit our collection of personal data to only the data necessary for legitimate purposes.

  • We first ask for explicit consent to process your personal data in cases where consent is required.

  • We implement appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and require the same from parties processing personal data on our behalf.

  • We respect your right to access, correct, or delete your personal data upon your request.

Atrium House of Brands B.V. is the data controller, but shares data with other B.V.'s within the Feenstra Holding.

In this privacy statement, we explain which personal data we collect and use and for what purpose. We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement at any time and without prior notice, so we advise you to carefully and regularly read this privacy statement to stay informed of its current content.

This privacy statement was last updated on 06-03-2024.

Storage and security

We consider it crucial that you can trust that your data is in good hands with us, and therefore, we take all necessary precautions to handle your personal data with care and ensure their security. To achieve this, we implement physical, electronic, and procedural security measures such as using strong passwords, securing network connections via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, and implementing purpose-specific access restrictions.

Furthermore, we do not retain your data longer than necessary for the purpose for which we collected it, unless we are legally obligated to do so. After this period, we delete or anonymize the data. Anonymization allows us to continue using the data for internal analyses and reporting while ensuring that they cannot be traced back to you.

Collaboration with external parties

We strive to keep your data under our control as much as possible. However, sometimes we collaborate with external parties, and it's necessary for us to share your data with them. This includes IT service providers, payment partners, shipping partners, and media agencies. In such cases, we establish clear agreements with these parties stipulating that they may only use your data for the purpose for which we share it with them and may not independently use or share it with others.

Your data is almost always stored within the European Union. Occasionally, we also collaborate with parties outside the European Union. In such cases, we always ensure that your privacy is protected. The EU has recognized certain countries as providing adequate protection, and the American companies we collaborate with have registered under the Privacy Shield Framework, ensuring compliance with European privacy regulations.

Inspecting and changing your data

For any questions regarding our privacy policy or your personal data, you can contact us at any time. You can also revoke your consent for a specific processing activity at any time or send us a request to access, modify, delete, or restrict the processing of your personal data. Additionally, you may request us to transfer the personal data we have about you to yourself or another organization. To prevent misuse, we may ask you to adequately identify yourself. If the request concerns access to personal data linked to a cookie, please include a copy of the cookie in question. You can find this in your browser's settings.

Third party websites

This privacy statement does not apply to third-party websites linked to our website through links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties handle your personal data in a reliable or secure manner. We recommend that you read the privacy statement of these websites before using them.

Questions and complaints

Of course, we are happy to assist you further if you have any questions or complaints regarding this privacy statement or the processing of your personal data. You can contact us via

Under privacy legislation, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens). You can directly contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority for this purpose.

Visit our website

On our website, we use cookies, including those placed by third parties engaged by us. We believe it is important for you to know which cookies our website uses and for what purposes they are used. We aim to ensure both your privacy, user-friendliness, and our commercial interests to the fullest extent possible.

When you visit our website for the first time, a notice will be displayed explaining why we use cookies and how you can adjust your cookie settings.

In our cookie statement, you will find more detailed information about the cookies used by and through our website and their purposes.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track how visitors use our web store. We have entered into a data processing agreement with Google to make arrangements regarding the handling of our data. Furthermore, we do not allow Google to use the obtained Analytics information for other Google services unless we have explicitly linked them to our website. The linked services are Google Ads, Google Optimize, Google Tag Manager, and Search Console. We anonymize your IP address unless you agree to the placement of tracking cookies, and we delete all data that can be traced back to a specific visitor after 50 months.

When you visit our website while logged in with a Google account and have enabled the option "Ad personalization" in that account, Google may develop a holistic view of how you interact with our website across multiple browsers and devices. Depending on your cookie preferences, we can expand our reporting and advertising capabilities accordingly. This data expires after 26 months.


We use Hotjar to better understand the needs of our website visitors, allowing us to improve our service and user experience. Hotjar is a software tool that helps us understand the experiences of our website visitors (for example, how much time they spend on which pages, which links they click on, what they like and dislike, etc.). This user feedback enables us to improve our website based on user input.

Hotjar uses cookies and other technologies to collect data about the behavior and devices of our users (specifically, the IP addresses of the devices, which are collected and stored in an anonymized form, screen size, device type (unique device identifiers), browser information, geographical information (country only), and preferred language for displaying our website). Hotjar stores this information in a pseudonymized user profile. Neither Hotjar nor we will ever use this information to identify individual users or link it to other data about an individual user.

For more details, you can view Hotjar's privacy policy via this link. You can opt-out of the creation of a user profile, the storage of data about your use of our site by Hotjar, and Hotjar's use of tracking cookies on other websites via this link.

Online order

When you place an order through our webshop, we record your transaction details to process the payment and any potential refunds. We use the secure payment environment provided by Adyen N.V. for this purpose. Transaction data must be retained for tax purposes for seven years.

If you pay with a credit card, Adyen may perform a fraud check to determine whether the credit card is or can be used for fraudulent activities before accepting the payment.

For order fulfillment, we use your name, address, and contact details to ship the package to you, and we use your email address and phone number to keep you informed about the status of your order. We may share this information with external parties such as DHL as needed. In such cases, we establish clear agreements with these parties that they may only use your data for the purpose for which we share it with them and may not independently use or share it with others.

We also analyze the data to gain insight into our customers and their needs and preferences, so that we can better serve you in the future.

If you are a registered customer with us, we link your online order to your account so that we can apply any personal discounts and so that both you and we can review your purchases.

Register & My Account

When you register with J.C. RAGS, you'll enjoy several benefits, such as having an online account. However, we do need certain information from you for this purpose. During registration, we ask for your name, address, email address, phone number, gender, and date of birth. You have control over which data you provide to us, but to activate your online account, we at least require your name and email address.

Upon registration, you'll receive a unique customer number from us. This ensures that all your purchases are linked to your account. Additionally, we collect data to get to know you better and to offer personalized promotions. This includes your preferences and interests.

We analyze the data we have from you to gain a better understanding of our customers and their needs and preferences, so that we can serve you even better in the future.

When you register, we'll keep you informed via email about the latest collections, offers, and inspiration. Our newsletters are personalized based on your preferences and interests. You can unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time using the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of each newsletter.

Furthermore, we'll personalize and improve our digital marketing campaigns in other ways based on the data we have from you. For this purpose, we use Google Customer Match, Facebook Custom Audiences, and LinkedIn Matched Audience. We share encrypted email addresses with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, so they can determine if you have registered an account with their services. You can opt out of this by contacting us. Please note that such activities are also subject to the privacy choices you've made with these services themselves.

If your phone number is known to us, we may also contact you by phone with a commercial message. Again, you can let us know if you no longer wish to be contacted by us.

If you wish to terminate your account and have your data removed from our customer database, you can contact our customer service.

Contact our customer service

Our customer service team is here to assist you with all your questions, issues, and requests. You can contact our customer service in various ways.

We do not record phone calls, but we do take notes on the content of the phone conversation so that we can address your question or complaint.

You have the choice of which data to provide to our customer service. However, we may ask for details such as your name, email address, and phone number so that we can address your question or complaint and contact you regarding its resolution.

We retain the data and messages you send us so that we can retrieve them if you contact us again later regarding the same matter.

Additionally, we analyze the messages received by our customer service to gain insights into metrics such as the number of messages, their nature, and how well we handle them. This helps us continuously improve our processes.

Make an appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment at one of our retail locations, you can directly contact one of our stores through our website.

Newsletter registration

If you'd like to stay informed about the latest collections, offers, events, and inspiration, you can sign up for the J.C. RAGS newsletter through our website. You can also unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time using the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of each newsletter.

Social Media

J.C. RAGS has an Instagram profile through which we keep you informed about the collection, promotions, and provide behind-the-scenes glimpses. This platform has its own terms and privacy policy, which you agree to when using their services.

If you mention J.C. RAGS products in a post by tagging us or using a hashtag, we may contact you to ask if we can repost it on our own channels. If we repost a photo you shared, we will always include your original text and your account unless you indicate otherwise.

If you send us a message via social media, our customer service will retain it.

We utilize various advertising options offered by social media platforms. For example, we may show you ads based on your age, location, whether you follow us, or if you have certain interests. We have no control over the data you share with the social media platform or how they collect data about you. For more information, please refer to the terms of these platforms themselves.

Events and promotions

We regularly organize various events and (contest) promotions for our customers. While most are publicly accessible, sometimes it's necessary for us to know who is participating. This helps us make the necessary preparations, send you more information or reminders, or notify you if you've won a prize.

Additionally, we want to be able to track who has responded to a promotion or attended an event, and whether the event or promotion has led to an increase in sales or interaction with J.C. RAGS, so that we can adjust our future events and promotions accordingly.

Therefore, in some cases, we may ask you to register in advance with your name, email address, and any other necessary details before you can participate in an event or promotion. If you're a registered customer with us, we'll link your registration to your account.

By participating in an event or promotion where you leave your contact information with us, you give us consent to contact you once for follow-up and/or to make a relevant offer.

For some events and promotions, we collaborate with external parties and may need to share your data with them. In such cases, we establish clear agreements with these parties stipulating that they may only use your data for the purpose for which we share it with them and may not independently use or share it with others.